Bourjois Paris - Brow Reveal - 02 Chatain/Chestnut

Rs.1,135.00 Rs.1,190.00

FEATURES & BENEFITS Automatic Brow Pencil Bevelled tip Super easy and intuitive to use with the slanted tip Helps achieve bold look, naturally fuller and beautiful brows Long lasting formula...

1. Brush your brows first.
2. Find where your eyebrows should begin.
3. Locate the ideal end point of your brow.
4. Find your ideal arch point.
5. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the shape.
6. Fill in your brows with the pencil.
7. Blend the color with a brow brush.


Time to start the brow JEU! Get the perfect line with new bourjois Brow Reveal. This automatic brow pencil with a slanted tip is easy and intuitive to use, so you can achieve professional results at home. Foolproof aplication helps get perfectly groomed and shaped brows. This smart product is a new expert for an eye catching look as you always wanted. Say OUI for pure chic and naturally beautiful brows – pick Brow Reveal from bourjois!