Bourjois Paris - Sourcil Precision - 04 Blond Fonce


FEATURES & BENEFITS Well-groomed & defined brows Helps achieve perfectly groomed and shaped brows Soft texture allows for comfortable application Designed to easily blend with natural brow Long-lasting, up to...

1. Delicately comb eyebrows before applying the pencil
2. Apply the pencil on the brow hair following the brow line
3. Blend the colour with a brush


Take two steps… to brows that are well-defined and impeccably groomed.
From Bourjois comes Sourcil Précision Eyebrow Pencil with its integrated brow brush. First, draw your line with light strokes of the soft pencil. Second, blend and distribute the colour with the styling brush. The result? Natural looking brows with no gaps or unruly strays.
When you want well-groomed, defined brows with a natural and classic look, pick up a Sourcil Précision from Bourjois. With a range of six shades to choose from, you'll surely find the perfect complement to your colouring.