Ladies Un-Stitch 3pcs Imrozia Premium Chiffon Embroidery Orabelle 10 Vivid Story

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An alluring blend of awe-inspiring modish opulence draping in wondrous tones of lavender, accentuating a bright romantic experience drenched in the delicacy of petunias!



  • Embroidered chiffon for front & back yoke: 0.75
  • Embroidered chiffon for front center panel: 1 pcs
  • Embroidered chiffon for front side panels left & right: 2 pcs
  • Embroidered organza border for front: 1 yard
  • Embroidered organza 1 inch’s border for front & trouser: 3 yards
  • Plain chiffon for back: 1 yard
  • Embroidered organza border for back: 1 yard
  • Embroidered chiffon for sleeves: 0.75 yard
  • Embroidered organza 1 inch’s border for sleeves: 1 yard
  • Embroidered chiffon for dupatta: 2.75 yards
  • Raw silk for trousers: 2.50 yards

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