Multi Embroidered Front Digital Printed Back Digital Printed Sleeves Double Sided Wool Shawl Dyed Trouser Embroidered Sleeves Lace...
Cross Stitch Embroidered bodice Cross Stitch Embroidered Front Panel Cross Stitch Embroidered Side Kali 2 pcs Cross Stitch...
Digital Printed Embroidered Front with Sequins Work Digital Printed Back Digital Printed Embroidered Sleeves with Sequins Work Embroidered...
Ladies Un-Stitch Embroidered Jacquard With Luxury Shawl Of Rehab Collection By Qalamkar Sheesha-Kari QWK-06
Embroidered Front with Sheesha Work Digital Printed Back Embroidered Sleeves Paisley Embroidered Shawl Dyed Trouser Embroidered Neckline with...
Digital Printed Front Digital Printed Back Digital Printed Sleeves Digital Printed Shawl Dyed Trouser Embroidered Front Border Embroidered...
Digital Printed Front Digital Printed Back Digital Printed Sleeves Digital Printed Shawl Dyed Trouser Embroidered Neckline Embroidered Front...
Embroidered Front Digital Printed Back Digital Printed Sleeves Digital Printed Shawl Dyed Trouser Embroidered Front Border Embroidered Patch...

Qalamkar is a tribute to the artisans of Pakistan by creating a unique ensemble that upholds the traditions and techniques of our heritage. We aim to provide exquisite designs that are handcrafted by local artisans from all over the country. Using only the best quality fabrics and products we give you a brand that transcends generations with its vibrant designs and intricate craftsmanship.

Qalamkar collections | Qalamkar Lawn

Qalamkar has been very hard on its competitors by providing the best quality. Qalamkar is possessed by Al Noor fabric which makes sure to give its customers unique designs along with vibrant colors.

Qalamkar makes sure to provide lively hues and best quality fabric to Pakistani ladies while guaranteeing no trade-off on quality and that is the principal reason for their prosperity, on the grounds that their no trade-off on quality settles it like every woman’s first decision to pick. This brand is yet to perceived universally yet their essence make different brands to stress a lot.

Qalamkar aims to empower women by making them realize their value. It reveals to them they are the sovereign of this world and they should realize how to manage it.

We, at Final choice, are very much aware of what a woman needs, and nothing makes them more joyful other than visiting an online store where we store many famous designer brands.


Qalamkar Egyptian lawn collection | Festive collections

Qalamkar Egyptian lawn collection has a very high-quality fabric and the unique styles they offer in their three-piece collection is unmatched. Qalamkar collection is a blend of grace and beauty.

There is a versatile range of prints that they have on their catalog; botanic garden, tribal pattern and digital printing of geometric shapes and old ancient historical buildings, embroidered brooders are also there with, Patti laces, floral motifs and tassels, just to name a few.

The unmatched color scheme fills your day with refreshing colors that you don’t feel down even in the hottest days of summer. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they offer longer length cloth and trouser weaved in lawn threads and the chiffon dupatta makes it even more appealing.


Qalamkar Luxury Lawn Collection

Are you one of those females who are always concerned about what to wear in the hottest days of summers to stay cool throughout the day. Qalamkar has solved your problem with their comfy, light and soft fabric luxury lawn three-piece suits unstitched collection. It also has embroidery and printed pieces, according to your preference you can get whatever you like.

Their attractive color scheme makes their clothes very appealing. Each dress in this collection is adorned with toning patterns and shirts, like striking embroideries neckline with fancy laces.

Now let’s get to our favorite part, the prices. They are not very expensive if we look at the quality they are providing.


Qalamkar Luxury Festive Collection

Now let’s get to our favorite festive collection!! You want to stay ahead of your peers, well then what are you waiting for? This festive collection has no comparison with others. It has chiffon designs in embroidery range, additionally, they have embroidery art Chinese chiffon.

Every girl wishes to look attractive and beautiful, she always wants to keep herself one step ahead from other girls, qalamkar has bought their festive collection in chiffon designs in embroidery range featuring embroidery art on Chinese chiffon fabric in this collection designer has followed her own rules with ethnic balance, lively splash of embroideries on lavish colored chiffon.


Latest collection of Qalamkar

The main focus of Final Choice is to make the shopping experience for their customers ideal and trustworthy. We are always trying to gain our customers’ trust since 1999. We make sure to deliver your clothes at your door without any delay and make sure to fulfill all our commitments.

We are selling genuine products from Qalamkar with the latest collection available, sourced directly from brands, manufacturers, distributors, and online.

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