Yardley Gentleman Suave Roll-On Deodorant, 50ml
With Yardley's Gentleman Suave Roll-On Deodorant, just a one or two swipes under your arm are enough to feel fresh. Suave offers the garden-fresh notes of lavender, sweet orange oil and bergamot followed by nutmeg and musk. This overpowering scent...
Yardley Gentleman Legacy Roll-On Deodorant, 50ml
If you are a man who goes in for heated workout sessions everyday then help yourself feel fresh with Yardley's Gentleman Legacy Roll-On Deodorant. The paraben-free formula dries quickly, leaving your skin refreshed and scented. It also features anti-perspiring properties...
Yardley Gentleman Urbane Deodorant Roll-On, 50ml
Deodorants have earned a permanent space in men's grooming kit these days. No doubt, a pleasant body odor is considered a part of personal hygiene and good manners. To keep up with a long and busy day, help yourself smell...
Yardley Gentleman Classic Roll-On Deodorant, 50ml
Yardley's Gentleman Classic Roll-On Deodorant is an effective sweat-control and odor-protection solution. It is an antiperspirant roll-on deodorant, which takes care of unpleasant odor and effectively provides protection against sweat. The deodorant's fragrance opens up to an aromatic blend of...
Yardley Gentleman Elite Deodorant Roll-On, 50ml
Are you usually on the move the entire day? From working out in the gym to making a stop at a meeting lunch or office, you can keep away unpleasant odor with Yardley's Gentleman Elite Deodorant Roll-On. It is a...
Yardley Deo Stick Gentleman Suave 50ML
Moving around consistently may lead to a sweat breakout. While you are hanging out with a ton of friends you can keep unpleasant odor in control using Yardley's Gentlemen Suave deodorant stick. The alcohol and aluminum free deodorant stick offers...
Yardley Deo Stick Gentleman Elite 50ML
Turn the heat down with easy to apply Yardley Gentleman Legacy deodorant stick. It is an alcohol and aluminum free formula that not only masks the odor with a precious scent but also protects your dignity and style. It's a...
Yardley Deo Stick Urbane 50ML
Unpleasant odor can be irritating and needs to be taken care of. Finding a long lasting scent that stays there for hours can be tricky. But with Yardley's Gentleman Urbane Deodorant Stick you can start your day confidently. The gentle...
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