Silky Cool Nail Polish Remover 120ml Clear
Formulated with glycerin Give strength & conditioning of nails Removes immediately Easy Application 100% Original Product
Silky Cool Extra Nails Cuticle Remover 120ml Pink
Glycerin helps to remove overgrown cuticles and dead skin Allowing you to shape and contour your nail Clean underside yellow tone One simple operation Gentle Softening Formula 100% Original Product
Silky Cool Face and Body Scrub Gel Gold 200ml
Silky Cool comes in different flavors and recipes Face and body scrub Helps smooth and clean the skin Removes dead and dry skin Removes impurities and blackheads A product rich in collagen that helps nourish the skin
Silky Cool Hair Growth Serum Black Seed
Stop hair fall and regrow the hair. Repair the hair from split ends. Daily protection for the hair from harmful elements of nature. Add shine Tangle free. Easy combing. Silky touch. Easy control and manageability
Silky Cool Active X Hair Oil Serum-Olives 100ml
Anti Hair Fall Strengthen the Hair Add Shine Split-ends Repair Easy Combing Manageability Softening Healthier Hair Silky Touch Protects from Environmental Factors
Silky Cool Whitening Facial Cleanser 250ml
Builds keratin Minimizes redness, blotchiness, sunlight, pollution and toxins Cetearyl Alcohol keeps skin soft and smooth Niacinamide keeps your skin firm and healthy
Silky Cool Gold Facial Cleanser 250ml
Pleasant fragrance Castor oil helps to restore hydration Keeps skin extra soft & supple Balance PH-level
Silky Cool Whitening Facial Toner 250ml
Sayliclylic Acid treats pimples & pustules faster Control excessive oiliness Castor oil maintains skin’s elasticity Makes skin radiant & gorgeous
Silky Cool Gold Facial Toner 250ml
Salicylic acid fights acne Minimizes the pores Balance skin level & redness appearance Prepares skin for the next stage of treatment
Silky Cool Hand & Body Massage Cream Chocolate 250ML
Chocolate increase the collagen elasticity & fairness Moisturize and make emollients Remedy for rough skin
Silky Cool Aloe Vera Gel 350ml
Cooling & Healing Properties like Eczema, Acne Anti inflammation Non Sticky & easily absorb the skin Long Lasting moisturizing & Soothing Made up of around 96% water Remedy for Sunburn
Silky Cool Hair Mask Keratine 400ml
Keratine is a major protective protein Regenerative , Conditioning & Rebuilding treatment Restore Elasticity and Moisture Repair Damage Cuticle Hair feeling smooth and frizz free Note: Good for hair problems
Silky Cool Foot & Body Scrub Gel Rose 500ML
Gel based formula with pleasant fragrance Gently Ex-foliates the upper dead skin layer without any harshness Give shine and softness
Silky Cool Hot Oil Cream Garlic 1000ml
Boost Hair growth Reduce hair loss Makes hair soft and shiny Get rid of dandruff, dry and itchy scalp Increase scalp circulation
Silky Cool Cucumber Scrub 275ml
Cooling properties Get rid of oiliness 95% water content Relive blemishes and acne Rejuvenate the skin Control puffiness under the eyes Natural bleaching agent Hydrate dull skin
Silky Cool Face Body Scrub Lychee 275ml
Rich in vitamins Keep the skin hydrate all the day Removes impurities to reveal smoother and silkier skin Clearing out blocked pores Protecting shield against smoke, sun, and free radicals
Silky Cool Facial Mud Mask Mint 275ml
Brighten complexion Extremely refreshing & soothing effect Possess cooling effect Treat pimples & blemishes Sooth mosquito bites and other irritations Gave radiant look
Silky Cool Face Body Scrub Artichoke 275ml
Nutritional values Increase skin’s elasticity Higher in antioxidant Tighten prominent pores Rich in vitamin C Collagen developments
Silky Cool Facial Mud Mask Dead Sea 275ml
High concentration of minerals Strengthening the lipid barrier of skin Tightens skin for a healthier complexion Controlled psoriasis, eczema and acne
Silky Cool Gold Facial Massage Cream 350ml
Luxurious emulsion Sweet almond oil and vitamin E Boosts skin health Reduces skin’s dullness and roughness Long lasting moisturizing
Silky Cool Gold Volcanic Mud Mask 350ml
Rejuvenates the skin Improves uniformity and radiance Leaving elasticity and fairness
Silky Cool Gold Facial Scrub 350ml
Sophisticated ingredients Shea butter and walnut shell powder Fills the collagen deficiency Erases the pigmentation Remove dead skin and black heads
Silky Cool Gold Face & Body Scrub Gel Gold 300ml
Deeply cleans skin Specially designs for aging skin Gold pearl improves collagen production Increases elasticity Easily removes dead skin comedones
Silky Cool Callus Remover 250ml
Eliminate Callus Naturally Strong & effective ingredients Your calluses soft and easy to peel off. 5 minutes application Original Product
Silky Cool Foot Soak- Lavender 250ml
Anti Bacterial Anti Fungal Kills the germs Soothing & relaxing the tired feet Keeps feet moisturize & soft Spa Products Fights Foot Odor 100% Original Product
Silky Cool Cuticle Remover 250ML
Glycerin helps to remove overgrown cuticles and dead skin Allowing you to shape and contour your nail Clean underside yellow tone One simple operation Gentle Softening Formula 100% Original Product
Silky Cool Face & Skin Exfoliator-Coconut 350ml
Gently ex-foliate and moisturize Alleviate dryness and Flaking Delay appearance of wrinkles & sagging Keeps the Skin’s Connective Tissues Strong